SenTraMin Mienrals


SenTraMin™ Minerals are without question the finest Plant Derived Colloidal Mineral composition available. Certified independent lab tests prove SenTraMin contains, on average, a complete spectrum of at least 75 Hydrophilic Plant Minerals that are the same organic form as found in fruits and vegetables. These minerals are completely different than the normal metallic minerals that come from ground up rocks and soil. SenTraMin minerals are naturally extracted from an ancient deposit of plant material, called Senonian Vegetate™, and then dried through a proprietary freeze-dried process that maintains product integrity. For use as a nutritional additive, SenTraMin can be added to beverages, conventional foods and nutritional supplements. SenTraMin can also be used in cosmetics and topical lotions, shampoos and skin products.

SenTraMin™ Minerals Powder is a natural combination of trace minerals from plants, whereas water sourced from the Utah Mountains USA is seeped through a natural deposit of ancient plant material known as Senonian Vegetate or Humic Shale by the United States Bureau of Land Management. This mineral water is ultra-filtered through a pharmaceutical grade ".02 Absolute Micron" filter and then transported to Momence, IL USA where it is Freeze Dried by Future Ceuticals, Inc.

This same mineral powder, under multiple brand names, is sold in the United States and shipped into various countries, including but not limited to Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and others under tariff code 2106.1010.00 (dried vegetable powder).

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